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Posted on 09 January 2016

When you are expecting or have an infant, it can feel a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start when it comes to essential gear. I know, because I’ve been there once and again.....This is kind of an embarrassing personal reveal, but I'm going to share with you anyway. I remember just five years ago feeling fully versed and proud of myself for reading up on every detail of pregnancy and labor. I would religiously check online half a dozen websites showing how the baby in-utero would develop week by week. I knew the book "What to Expect When Expecting" inside and out.  I knew for sure how I would heroically sail through natural birth and of course with all this knowledge, armed to argue with any doctor who dared to boss me around. Then the reality of my own inexperience hit me when I actually brought my baby girl home... I felt like I learned absolutely nothing! Seriously, as soon as it was time to gather our final possessions from the hospital and try to bundle her up into her car seat, she began to wail non-stop. I couldn’t understand why everything seemed to be going wrong. I felt like I was a failure trying to nurse her. I was bleeding from hours of trying to latch her, I even felt guilty like I was starving baby. When we got home, not only was she crying inconsolably, but so was her momma. “Where is the baby manual? What are we supposed to do now?” Going over the endless list of things that you absolutely need to survive the first year of life can be mind boggling. Who can afford all of this stuff? So I can’t really advise you on every piece of baby paraphernalia. -I’m still figuring this stuff out with my own little ones. I CAN give you a little leg up about teething issues. When your baby starts teething, it will seem like a never-ending uphill battle.  Here are some things you need to know about teething:
  • It starts as early as 3-4 months (like my first baby).
  • It can continue for up to 24 months.
  • Babies will experience general discomfort but to them it might feel quite painful.
  • Babies best explore their new world by tasting and feeling different oral sensations.
  • Having ice teethers to help stimulate and offer relief for their teething pain will make this experience so much easier!
What can you do to help your little one feel better? Teething necklaces can help your baby chew and feel less pain and can also entertain them while they are sitting with you.  Years ago, teething necklaces used to be made of wood and babies used to chew them relieving the pressure in their mouths. Can you believe it? Here are some of the best things about teething necklaces every mom should know about:
  • They are made of safe and natural silicone rubber materials.
  • It is kept around your neck instead of on your baby so no more falling on dirty floors like other loose teethers or pacifiers.
  • You have another way to bond with your baby!
  • It's a necklace!  It looks like the trendy necklaces that are so popular right now.
Want to know more?  Check out our teethers!  Want to know about babies?  Stay right here! :-) photocredit: Baby Centre

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